Examples of S.O.S Services

CSM,Cleveland, Ohio


    The Climax network is comprised of three servers running Novell NetWare 3.11 which can support 170 Users. The Novell platform is connected through Ethernet 10-Base-T bridges to Coldwater and Forbesroad with a TCP/IP protocol layer to the UNIX Sequent Network. E-Mail, printing bi-directional to all platforms, and application access for all users at any location is available. This unique setup allows the user to choose the application, and the system control is handled in the background transparent to the user.

    Users are able to run an application in Cleveland and print in Michigan or Forbesroad via the Novell NetWare print queues. Cad applications are run in the Cleveland area, and the drawings are saved on the network. Also users backup their local hard drives to the network which are on an automatic tape scheduling each evening.

    The Sequent Unix Server runs a Manufacturing Inventory Control System which is accessed from the DOS side of the operations without the user knowing otherwise. There are several print servers in place which allow for printing anywhere with various types of printers which include: dot matrix, lasers, line, and paintjet printers.  Return


S.O.S. Inc., 10927 Mayfield Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024 (440) 286-9615

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