Board of Directors

Mary E. Samide, CEO, President

  Over 16 years of experience as a personal computer/network specialist.  Experience includes systems analysis, design, programming, project management, implementation, redesign of old programs and systems, purchase, install, and support of networks, and training on use of computer equipment and software.  Application experience includes Banking, Financial, Academic and Manufacturing.   Conducts educational seminars in Networking and various computer applications. E-Mail

Carmella Shale, Finance Director

      Over 9 years experience as a Civil Engineer.  Experience includes checking and performing bridge design calculations and many phases of drainage designs for city streets and major freeways for state and county highway departments.  Extensive design and drawing using AutoCAD version 12 and Softdesk AdCADD Civil Survey version 12  Systems.  Trains users in a variety of accounting systems.  E-Mail

Kelly Mazeika, Office Administrator and Account Executive

    Over 5 years experience in teaching children and adults in various technology applications. Provides customer service and sales for business and educational facilities.  Evaluation and preparation of proposals, quotes, and bid forms for hardware, software, installation, and maintenance services.  Assist in Educational Training in many Windows applications.  Application training in-house and on your site.  E-Mail

Jackie Samide, Programming Specialist

Over 5 years experience as a Sales/Marketing Director and programming specialist.  Provides customer service and sales for business and educational facilities. Application training in-house and on your site, customizing training to your business needs.  Provides custom programming to customer specifications and designs in Microsoft Access.

S.O.S. Inc., 10927 Mayfield Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024  440.286.9615

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