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Unity Rubber Company, Limited

     Purchased, installed, and maintained software and hardware for their Novell 4.1 Network System.  Advised them on the most efficient system and components to purchase.  Upgraded many computers memory and hard drive space.  Provided training on operating systems.Future plans call for complete network integration across UNIX platform, and installation of fiber-optics to their new corporated headquarters.

Vicon Fabricating Company, Chardon, Ohio

Vicon has a Novell Network running which is currently supported by S.O.S. Incorporated on a Service and Support Contract.  Future plans for Vicon is to update their network with the latest network operating system and faster workstations.

Western Reserve Academy,  Hudson, Ohio

       Provided a system analysis for network integration of standalone systems and future connectivity between dormitories.  Future plans will include integration/migration of their network.

Winston and Strawn, Chicago, Illinois

     Designed Employee Loan program interfacing with their Employee Benefits program.  Allows employees to secure low-cost loans for personal  reasons. 

S.O.S. Inc., 10927 Mayfield Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024  440.286.9615

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