Customer Sites

          On this page are several examples of Network Hardware/Software and Analysis services provided by S.O.S. Incorporated in alphabetical order by customer.   These sites are comprised of public and private schools in Ohio, Medical Industries, and Manufacturing.   Read and see for yourself how businesses, schools, and corporations are connected!

Andrews School, Willoughby, Ohio

     Andrews School for Girls is a college preparatory school from 6-12 grade.  Just Click on picture to view the narrative on the fiber optic/network install by S.O.S. INC. E-Mail

Ashtabula Area City Schools, Ashtabula, Ohio

      S.O.S. Inc. provided a network hardware/software analysis by investigating their current system and finding results which were efficient and cost effective.  Their existing Network was upgraded to 4.1 running Windows 3.1 connecting all PC's with communication links to the Neomin A-site.  Training and maintenance agreements were implemented for further support.  For more info click on Icon now.

BP America, Cleveland, Ohio

      Provided programming and program management consulting.  Sent consultants to Louisiana to work on the DEC VAX System.

S.O.S. Inc., 10927 Mayfield Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024  440. 286.9615

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