Examples of S.O.S Services

Ashtabula Area City Schools, Ashtabula, Ohio


    S.O.S., Inc. conducted a network analysis for administrators who decided on implementing the network design which would interface with their Neomin A-Site. S.O.S. Inc. rewired the administration office with PVC5 wiring running an ethernet protocol. Novell NetWare 4.1 was installed on a Pentium 90 Server. Workstations installed included 486s and Pentium 75s with 520 MB hard drives with at least 8MB of RAM. All of the monitors chosen were 15 in. SVGA non-interlaced color monitors attached to PCI video cards.

    The wiring topology implemented is a 10-Base-T Star configuration. Hubs were placed on the first and third floors of the administration office. Each workstation has a serial home run connection to a multiplexor which connects through modem onto a 56K line to the Neomin A-Site. Communications run using the Windows Refection software while the user is attached to the Local Area Network. Most of the software used on the network is Windows 3.1 based, with a few side Dos applications. Printing is accomplished through the network where the users are able to print to any of the many printers connected directly to the network or remotely to a user's workstation. There is a common menu which each user accesses when logging into the Local Area Network. All of the software connections are transparent to the user resulting in a very smooth operation for Ashtabula Area City Schools.  Return.

S.O.S. Inc., 10927 Mayfield Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024 (440) 286-9615

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