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Andrews School, Willoughby, Ohio


    The first major step for Andrews was migrating the existing network (Novell 3.12) to Novell Intranetware 4.11 and install a second server with Novell Intranetware 4.11. SOS installed Novell Groupwise 5.0 and added new 32 bit network clients to workstations. Five Macintosh computers remain connected to the network via NetWare for Macintosh and continue to access Internet, file and print services. The next step of the project was upgrading Andrews computer lab. SOS installed new Pentium 133 workstations with full multimedia and 15" monitors and wired the entire lab to the network. The library also has similar new workstations installed enabling teachers and students to access the Internet, e-mail and file and print services from their local workstations.

    Through the installation of the second Novell Intranetware 4.11 server, Andrews is able to spread the work load among servers, providing security to the administration data while allowing each user (student or teacher) to share printers, files and information via the local e-mail. The communication software package GroupWise integrates e-mail with calendaring/scheduling, document management, workflow, remote access, voice mail, faxing and Internet/ Intranet messaging. Each student and faculty member will receive all their internal and external mail at their desktop.

     The new computer lab offers students access to multimedia machines running Windows 95 which allow them to work on anything from term papers to animated web page design at fast speeds and with full multimedia effects. All wiring is currently producing 10mb/sec throughput and is ready for upgrade to speeds of up to 100mb/sec through simple hardware upgrades. Finally, the Intranet allows Andrews school to publish web pages accessible throughout the local area network regardless of operating system or platform and is ready for upgrade to fulll time service directly on the Internet where the entire world can access Andrew's school web pages. Getting connected to the outside world is a reality at Andrews School for girls!    The next phase is the fiber-optic connection between 11 buildings on the Andrews Campus.  Completion of this phase is slated for early summer.   Visit Andrews  WebSite!  or  Return

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