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Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, Cleveland, Ohio

     Rewrote their Employee Loan program and designed their Employee Benefit reports for IRS reporting.  This program has saved them considerable time and effort, and produces accurate accountability.

Stow City Schools, Stow, Ohio

         Developed Stow/Monroe Fall's high school computer technology plan, complete with costs and phases of  implementation.  Analyzed, designed, and installed a 59 user Novell network system, complete with a fiber-optic backbone, and communication links to the Internet.

Union Eye Care Centers, Cleveland, Ohio

     Installed a Novell network that interconnects to a UNIX server for point of sale.  Analyzed, designed, and wrote the Warranty System for eyeglass care, and made changes to the current Contract System.  S.O.S. programmed the entire accounting system which interfaces with the UNIX data on the Novell server. Click on Icon to read about Union Eye Care.

S.O.S. Inc., 10927 Mayfield Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024  440.286.9615

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